New Feature: Free Shipping Discount Codes

New Feature: Free Shipping Discount Codes

In the last 6 months we've released the ability to create discount codes for specific Customer Groups and individual Products and Collections, and now we're announcing a new type of discount code: Free Shipping.

Free shipping discount codes will allow your customers to get certain shipping rates for free. You also put a cap on the price of the shipping rate so that you know exactly how much offering your customers free shipping will cost your business.

To create a Free Shipping discount code, go to your promotions tab and create a new discount code. 

New Feature: Free Shipping Discount Codes

Under the heading "Coupon Type" select "Free Shipping" from the options and specify the maximum cost of the shipping rate this discount covers. So if you enter "$30" any shipping rates under $30 will be free, but shipping rates higher than $30 will be regular price. You can also choose what country the discount code applies to. 

Create your new discount code and you're ready to go. When customers apply the discount code the word "Free" will appear next to any free shipping rates.

Free shipping can be a great tool to increasing sales, especially during the holiday season. A little while back, we worked with Marketbrain to develop a calculator to help merchants decide if free shipping was a good option for their online store.



  • Shopaholla
    November 08 2011, 02:03PM

    Great, needed feature!

  • Mark
    November 08 2011, 02:19PM

    Great feature will defo get used

  • Orange Byte
    Orange Byte
    November 08 2011, 02:23PM

    Woo! Thank you for this Shopify!! This was a big missing feature.

  • Carson
    November 08 2011, 02:23PM


  • Alex
    November 08 2011, 02:26PM


  • khedaywi
    November 08 2011, 03:06PM


  • Julie Tremblay
    Julie Tremblay
    November 08 2011, 05:28PM

    finally! thanks!

  • Craig
    November 08 2011, 06:14PM

    This is a step in the right direction, but what would be really helpful would be the ability to set free shipping on a product by product basis. Requiring the shop to promote a coupon code and for the customer to remember that code is not efficient. We need to be able to set more rules based coupons that run in the background without requiring user input. This will allow us to have discounts available on top of free shipping.

  • Al
    November 08 2011, 06:55PM

    1) So does this allow me to set a order amount treshold to qualify for free shipping

    more importantly,
    2) is it automatically applied or does every customer have to input a code every time?

  • Heidi
    November 08 2011, 10:17PM

    We would love to be able to set the free shipping discount code for a purchase over a certain amount of money.

  • @Shopify Mark Dunkley
    Mark Dunkley
    November 08 2011, 10:32PM

    @Everyone, thanks for your kind words! Hopefully we can get a few more features out before Christmas.

    @Craig: This is a great idea and we are looking into it. If it was a 5 day project we would already have it done, but this will involve more time than you might think for our devs + designers to make this happen. In the meantime you can create price based shipping rates to offer free shipping under or over a certain amount. Ex: Shipping is free for orders over $35.00.

    @AL: 1)The “Free Shipping” discount doesn’t allow you to set an order threshold, but you can currently offer price based shipping rates which may solve your issue (see above answer)

    2) Customer has to input it every time.

    @Heidi: Thanks for your feedback! As mentioned previously, Shopify does offer price based shipping rates. Stay in touch, because we are always working on new features for Shopify.

  • Suki
    November 09 2011, 12:28AM

    Does this mean we can use 2 codes at once? I want to be able to have local pick up option for my customers.

  • Craig Rippon
    Craig Rippon
    November 09 2011, 05:11AM

    I would love to be able give free shipping for orders over $50 – can you make it so? ;-)

  • goose
    November 09 2011, 06:22AM

    Yes, this is a good first step…however, a “shipping free over $X” would put us on equal footing with our competitors this holiday season….

  • Thomas
    November 09 2011, 10:01AM

    tried it and generated a few sales immediately.

    [shipping free over $X – is possible since ages without coupon code though]

  • David
    November 09 2011, 10:37AM

    This is a huge step forward—thanks guys!

    (ps: gift certificates next, please?)

  • @Shopify Mark Dunkley
    Mark Dunkley
    November 09 2011, 10:49AM

    @goose, @craig…This should work: Go into your shipping preferences and create a new price based shipping rate, set the purchase range to $50 and up and set the price of the shipping rate to 0.


  • Justin G
    Justin G
    November 09 2011, 01:22PM

    I’m with Heidi, I wish we could set it up so that it’s free shipping for orders more than a certain dollar amount. Price based shipping rates is not a good alternative for us as that would mean giving up carrier based shipping calculations site wide. That’s not really an option for us.

  • @Shopify Mark Dunkley
    Mark Dunkley
    November 09 2011, 02:12PM

    @JustinG You are able to set up your store to use Price Based Shipping and Carrier Shipping at the same time…


  • Lisa
    November 09 2011, 02:41PM

    : ) Woo hoo!

  • Lisa
    November 09 2011, 02:52PM

    Can this free shipping coupon be applied to only specific products or collections?

  • veronica
    November 09 2011, 04:41PM

    This a great addition! We would also like to offer free shipping for orders over $x, but only for those you have a Special Discount Code. Looking forward to that addition!

  • myra
    November 09 2011, 11:07PM

    In the past, the price-based shipping system used the total price of the order, after applying any discounts now it is determined before applying discounts. This is absolutely ridiculous and with no warning your business should be ashamed to have such practices. This “little addition” is costing my company thousands of dollars and we powerless to change it. With the proliferation of deal sites we have offered great 1 time promotions but now have to pay to ship the customer’s order. This is totally unacceptable.

  • Chris Maccan
    Chris Maccan
    November 10 2011, 07:22AM

    Appreciate the initiative guys, however I too am having the same issue as Myra.
    I had a price based shipping rate set at zero, when the order price was zero. I had zero priced orders when customer redeemed group buying site vouchers. The were then able to select the free shipping (the price based shipping rate I’d set up) after applying the discount code. This no longer works.
    Can you please change this part back so that the price based shipping rates apply to the post discount order price ASAP. Thanks!

  • @Shopify Mark Dunkley
    Mark Dunkley
    November 10 2011, 10:51AM

    @lisa I think I’m missing something wouldn’t free shipping on products/collections have the same results as the current “Free Shipping” code.

    @veronica – Thanks for your thoughts, when we consider adding more discount codes we will certainly keep your idea in mind.

    @myra, @Chris – Sorry to hear about this guys, this isn’t related to the Free Shipping discount code, but I’m sure support will be happy to help you come up with a solution to your issues

    November 11 2011, 11:16AM

    Fantastic! Thank you!!! Best news all year!

  • Chris Maccan
    Chris Maccan
    November 12 2011, 12:50AM

    Mark, thanks for your response dated 10/11 at 10:51. Per your advice, I’ve taken this up with Shopify Support.

    Their response has been that it actually is this change that is causing this issue. In order for this Free Shipping discount code option to be created, a technical change was required whereby price-based shipping rates are now determined before applying discounts, not after.

    This actually reduces Shopify functionality as there is now no way to provide free postage with a separate discount code. As there was already was effectively a free postage option through the price based shipping rates, this change doesn’t add any functionality, it reduces it.

    I’ve asked the support guys to raise this with the development team again to work out a way to provide free postage with a separate discount code, or revert to the previous sequence of applying price based shipping rates.

    I thought I should reply to your response for the benefit of other users.

  • Housh
    November 12 2011, 06:30PM

    Mark, while I understand that if I wanted to allow for free shipping for an order amount above $ X, I can set up a shipping preference to allow for that, but the issue is that I would like to offer different types of discounts to my customers (i.e. 10% off for a limited time, Free shipping over a certain amount), but by setting the free shipping as a preference shipping rate, it allows the customer to enter another promotion and still qualify for free shipping (effectively getting two promotions). I won’t be able to afford supporting that. If a customer had to type a code for free shipping for orders over a certain amount (rather than just automatically qualifying for it), then they couldn’t enter a second code for another promotion. Is there anyway to allow for more flexiibility in the free shipping promotional code feature to allow for orders over a certain amount to be free, given the above clarification?

  • Housh
    November 12 2011, 06:59PM

    Mark, I also wanted to add a thought about the current way the free shipping promotion works. I may be missing something, but typically lower shipping rates are set for smaller sized orders, so when allowing a free shipping promotion for a certain rate amount and less, it effectively is encouraging the customer to order small amounts to qualify for free shipping. If a customer has a large quantity order to place, this may lead to them placing many small orders which would make it very inefficient for a store owner to fulfill or manage. Promotions should encourage more buying rather than less. Just a thought though I accept that I may be missing something.

  • Housh
    November 12 2011, 07:14PM

    I forgot to add a little bit of love. Thank you so much for working on enhancing site functionality. Great work! It is really appreciated.

  • Carlito
    November 14 2011, 09:56AM

    I want to know if I can set a free shipping on one specific product (discount code doesn’t have that option).

    I want to sell show tickets but if I set a discount code with a price based discount I sell two of them for 40$. I have t-shirts that we sell 35$ we don’t want the customer to get the free shipping on a t-shirt. What we could do? Because the shipping of number 10# envelope don’t cost a lot compared to a box.

    Thank you

  • Sofia
    November 17 2011, 12:22AM

    Great! I was waiting for this feature!! Thank you!!

  • Dominic Coballe
    Dominic Coballe
    November 17 2011, 02:21AM

    Perfect timing for the holidays. Thanks guys.

  • ignacio
    November 19 2011, 12:52AM

    Can free shipping be applied only to specific products and/or collections?

  • Chris
    November 21 2011, 05:35PM


    This has been a good addition, customers always like this. Thanks for your work and timely and helpful updates.

    However free shipping codes can also be a lot of hassle for some stores, such as clothing stores, and especially at xmas time.

    The errors above are just some that I had considered myself.

    Also, we had an order today and the buyer used the code and got free express delivery, which we weren’t wanting to allow. It seems that they selected the more expensive delivery option and then entered the code. It then took off the cost of express delivery. The code was only intended for basic shipping (as we thought Shopify implied at launch?). Then the pricing on the Shopify order receipt was all mixed up as a result of this (showed -£3, when it was actually -£6 that had come off the total).

    So maybe have a look at this bug also…

    BTW Mark, you have been very helpful in the past and I really need your help – can you ask the team to have a look at the Google Product Search integration as it is totally stuffed now for my store since the update a few months ago. It seems that the Shopify bugs aren’t getting fixed. Shopify is not integrating with GPS optimally and we are now always at the bottom or not appearing at all.. :(

    We need to be able to export live product data with all the correct fields to make an up-to-date tab delimited file for GPS ourselves (Retail Tower is no good). There is no current way to do this yet it would only take Shopify 10 mins to fix this export facility, or just fix the integration and offer some manual control over it. So I’m left juggling with the Shopify API that doesn’t work and taking another few days building the files myself.

    Many thanks,


  • @Shopify Mark Dunkley
    Mark Dunkley
    November 23 2011, 12:07PM

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. We do have more features in the pipeline for Shopify and I appreciate everyones thoughts.

    If you have any support related feedback please email I don’t want anyone to overlook your problems because it was in a blog comment.

    @Chris I spoke with our support, and they were misinformed early on about the issue – sorry about the confusion. The bug was discovered while we were developing the feature, but the feature is separate from the bug. We are coming with ideas on how we can accommodate groupon style discounts. I apologize for any trouble you’ve had and I’m sure our support team can come up with a solution to make amends.

    @Housh, we are looking into adding new discount types that might solve this issue. I can’t promise a timeline, but is one of our priorities. We have some big ideas on how to improve discounts/sales functionality in Shopify. Thank you so much for your additional feedback.

    @Carlito not yet. I can tell you this is a problem we have our eye on though.

    @ignacio not yet, we are mapping out a possible new feature that might solve this. No timeline yet.

    @Chris Thanks! Could you please submit a ticket on this issue at I would like to know the order # and your shop name and we will definitely get back to you. I just did a quick test and can’t replicate the issue. In regards to Google Product Search, I’m not that familiar with the integration in Shopify, but I’ll ask the person responsible for this side of Shopify in the office. I recommend creating a support ticket at about this issue. That will give you a proper answer, we can formally log your suggestions and let you know when the issue is solved.

  • Jared
    December 07 2011, 08:23PM

    hopefully i’m just missing something…
    I need to offer a free shipping coupon but just for First Class mail… which I realize you can limit the shipping rate when creating the coupon so let’s say limit to $4.90 and under ($4.95 is priority flat rate). If someone orders more weight than First Class allows they will not have the option of Free Shipping even though they have a coupon. So if I raise the amount, it allows customers to “upgrade” their shipping on lighter, smaller orders to Priority or Express.
    I think the shipping coupon should be tied to a particular customized rate only, called “Free Shipping” so that we can choose the cheapest option for shipping when we’re paying for it.
    Is there a work-around? There’s a news story on our store tonight and they’re announcing our Free Shipping… this could cause us a lot of extra work and problems if we can’t get a solution soon.

  • Isabelle Russell
    Isabelle Russell
    December 17 2011, 11:12AM

    Do you believe that Syria spying on dissidents?

  • Brian
    January 18 2012, 04:56PM

    I ran into a discount problem yesterday that I wanted to bring up here.

    We were looking to do a promotion for a collection in our store like one of the following: buy any two pieces from collection X and get 15% off; or spend over $30 on collection Y and get 15% off.

    Unfortunately there’s no way to do this.

  • Melinda
    March 03 2012, 06:24AM

    I really like this feature but I’d like to be able to use it for free shipping over a $ limit not under that limit.

    Eg. A customer spends over $200 then they get free shipping.

  • Jim
    March 29 2012, 07:51PM

    When can we add free shipping to individual products? I do not want a free shipping coupon for price ranges because it then affects all products. Thanks!

  • Alessio
    May 22 2012, 01:20AM

    ehi guys,

    Do I really have to chnage plan and spend extra 30usd each month in order to offer a free shipping discount code?!

    Are there no other ways to do it?


  • Jon Winn
    Jon Winn
    May 23 2012, 01:39PM

    Shopify should have a Free Shipping check box that can be checked as you are filling out product info. Does not seem that tough of a request. Can we expect that in the future?

  • Scott
    June 03 2012, 06:53PM

    We need to be able to offer free shipping for a specific total purchase like “Free Shipping with a purchase of $XX or more.” How hard can that be? Is this planned anytime soon?

  • Eric
    June 14 2012, 02:55PM

    Are you trying to add free shipping with purchase of $X or more? See response from Shopify support – if you want it please let them know!

    According to Shopify support – “I apologize it is not a core feature. I can’t speak for our development team but we try to focus on the features that are requested most by our customer base. We don’t want to spread ourselves too thin with features and not do them well so we let third party developers provide apps with what they are best at. Currently less than 1% of our shops are requesting this feature which likely plays into why it is not a core feature at this time.”

  • Jess
    August 10 2012, 12:55AM

    Is there a workaround for setting up free shipping for orders over $x? I’d love this feature to encourage our shoppers to spend more in our store.

  • Kim
    August 16 2012, 12:38AM

    I too, am very, very interested in having a feature that will allow me to offer Free Shipping over $X.xx. Thanks Mucho!

  • Kevin
    August 25 2012, 12:44AM

    The Free Shipping discount code is almost what I need!!

    Options that would make this discount code great -

    1) option to apply to orders above a certain amount;

    2) option to apply to only to certain customer groups, certain products, etc. (similar to options available for ‘% off’ and ‘$ off’ discount codes); and,

    3) option to invoke automatically (prevents customers from forgetting to enter the code, and with option 1 obviates the free shipping method via price-based shipping).

    I’d certainly pay $100 a month more for a discount code with all three of these options.

  • kevin
    August 27 2012, 12:39AM

    To follow up on my previous comment, competing website providers offer what I mentioned so hopefully Shopify can do the same one day. (The features being multiple discounts/coupons can be applied to one order, and the discounts/coupons can be applied either automatically or with manual entry by the customer).

  • Natalie
    September 19 2012, 06:06PM

    This is a weird discount. I wanted to set a discount for orders that were above a certain amount. Why is that feature not available? I agree with the comments above!!

  • Janne
    October 15 2012, 03:12PM

    I agree with Natalie. I really miss the option to offer free shipping above a certain amount and not less than like it is now. Can this be fixed before the Christmas shopping kicks in?

  • Ever
    November 17 2012, 11:54PM

    Hi, I’m new to shopify and currently in the trial period. So if I am reading correctly, you cannot specify free shipping over a certain dollar amount or for one specific product. I use the free shipping on one product all the time at my other cart. Can someone confirm this is the case still in Nov 2012. Thanks for the help.

  • Christine
    November 21 2012, 07:24PM

    Hi, I also really need this feature, to be able to offer free shipping on orders above a certain amount. I’ve never seen free shipping the way Shopify has the coupon set up, where everything is free below a certain amount. That would discourage people from buying too much b/c then they’d be charged shipping, which doesn’t make sense. Please fix this!

  • megan
    November 23 2012, 12:01AM

    Stores need a way to mark certain products so they come with free shipping automatically, particularly for digital goods like gift certificates in a retail store, or subscription clubs where the shipping cost is already built in. I’m surprised this simple feature hasn’t been developed yet.

  • Andrew
    November 26 2012, 07:32AM

    As a workaround, I have done this:

    My free shipping tier in the store was $150.
    I have created a normal promo code (called FREESHIP) which takes off the $ amount shipping would be ($8) with minimum orders of $150. Which basically does what I want except it does it for any country. Until shopify upgrades free shipping to include minimum order amount AS THE NORMAL PROMO CODES DO) this will have to do.

  • Brian
    December 05 2012, 10:56AM

    Any updates to the release schedule for this discount functionality? Seems there’s an overwhelming demand for this to work in the opposite manner that you guys have set up. The price based free-shipping is still not usable, since it is applied before any discount codes are used.

    Doesn’t look like anyone from Shopify has commented on this in awhile, despite the continued please from customers.

  • Pradeep
    June 11 2013, 03:58PM

    Hi Shopify Team,

    This would be great addition to many customers! Please try to include the feature for FREE SHIPPING above a minimum order amount.

  • Marco Peters
    Marco Peters
    July 10 2013, 02:59PM

    A “free shipping” setting based a product by product base would be really helpful.

  • Chad
    August 02 2013, 02:01AM

    Just learned that tiered shipping prices per category are given BEFORE discount amounts. This makes no sense. Help Fast!
    Suppport ticket in 5,4,3,2,1…

  • Fallon
    August 26 2013, 01:26PM

    Does anyone know how to create a buy 1 get 1 free type of coupon code?

  • Duncan
    October 31 2013, 10:20PM

    A much needed feature

  • Cheri
    November 19 2013, 12:19PM

    We have the add on for free shipping promo code option to our store and it’s riddled with flaws.

    The biggest thing that’s wrong with setting up a free shipping over a dollar dollar amount is that is applied to the amount BEFORE any promo codes are applied.

    For example, if we offer free shipping on orders over $50, a customer adds something for $50 to her cart and uses a promo code, Shopify still lets her get free shipping even though her total dollar amount is now under the $50 limit. This can equal huge losses on sales.

    The free shipping needs to be in effect AFTER all discounts are applied.

  • Don
    February 16 2014, 12:04PM

    We would really love the ability to add free shipping to a specific product or category only.

  • Sushil Kumar
    Sushil Kumar
    July 16 2014, 04:20AM


    We offer free shipping on orders above $49. And we charge a flat $20 fee on orders below $49.

    Now we want to run a special promotion, where we want to generate a discount code to give customers Free Shipping on orders above $25 for eg.

    What is the procedure to do that??

    It is such a basic discount code which is used by all e-commerce store. I cant really figure how to make this discount code?

    Please help.

  • Nadia
    October 13 2014, 05:44PM

    I also require the option to provide free shipping OVER x dollars.
    The Shipping rate work around is no good because my client only wants to provide the free shipping to customers who use the discount code.

    Multiple options in discount codes would be VERY handy and make the set up so much more flexible. Being able to set:

    if greater than x AND less than x
    if in x Collection AND less than x
    if order over x dollars AND in x Collection

    etc etc

  • thomas
    March 21 2017, 03:18PM

    Good feature, although insufficient because it can’t be combined with other offers.For example: “Save 20% + FREE ground shipping on your order with code SHIP”

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