The Small Business Blueprint to Marketing on Twitter

This guide will teach you everything from earning your first followers to getting the most out of Twitter’s advertising platform.

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11 chapters

1. Introduction

2 min

Get acquainted with the platform and learn how to use Twitter for business. From marketing to sales to community engagement, Twitter can help you grow your business.

2. Identifying Objectives

2 min

Make a plan before getting started. Find the right people and audiences with Twitter Advanced Search, do some competitor research to see what's missing!

3. Setting Up Your Account

3 min

It's easy to create a Twitter account. This chapter will guide you on how to setup a Twitter account so you can get started instantly.

4. Navigating Twitter

3 min

Twitter 101: Here you learn the Twitter basics so you can get tweeting and engaging with your audience.

5. Engaging on Twitter

6 min

Twitter posts can be daunting at first because you might not know what to tweet. Twitter best practices leads to Twitter engagement so it's best to start with the basics.

6. Building an Audience

5 min

How to get followers on Twitter has always been a challenge. That said, there's a simple answer: quality content. We'll walk through what makes great Tweets and what turns users into followers.

7. Twitter Advertising 101

4 min

Ad creative, targeting and analytics - everything you need to know about Twitter Advertising in this simple, easy-to-grasp, Twitter Advertising 101 mini-guide.

8. Selling with Twitter

2 min

Selling on Twitter is simple, effective way to sell to new audiences. Shopify's Twitter Buy Button makes it that much more easier.

9. Reviewing Twitter Analytics

1 min

Twitter analytics are a powerful tool to guide your strategy and measure success. Twitter stats offer a wealth of insights on Twitter activity and your community.

10. Helpful Twitter Tools

3 min

Twitter tools like a Twitter scheduler and Twitter analytics tool can help you focus on building great content. Here are some of the best Twitter Tools to maximize your investment.

11. Conclusion

1 min

With these Twitter best practices, you can understand Twitter and start to build your small business Twitter strategy.


Elaisha Green

Elaisha is a seasoned digital strategist and currently social media specialist at Shopify. A sucker for romantic comedies and #puppiesoftwitter, Elaisha strives to help businesses create remarkable experiences for their audiences.

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