Sleek leather, moleskin, and linen cases

DODOcase – A San Francisco startup looking to preserve historic book binding techniques – needed an ecommerce solution to begin selling their famous iPad cases.

The fact that Shopify’s platform had everything they were looking for was enhanced by the opportunity to enter Shopify’s first ever Build A Business competition, where they could win $100,000. Little did they know that not only would they win the competition, but they would bring in $3 million in sales during their first year on Shopify.

Craig Dalton

Co-founder and CEO of DODOcase

Winning Build a Business

That first year, the only thing we had going for us was our Shopify store. We didn’t have a marketing budget, and we just had a simple business concept: Make a great product and create a memorable brand that had a compelling story. The rest just went from there.

For me, it really underscored the power of ecommerce and the Internet.

Focusing on our brand

Having Shopify manage our store provided us a lot of peace of mind. We just didn’t have to think about it. We wanted to focus on designing, marketing and manufacturing, not order management. Shopify allowed us to do that.

Photo of the DODOcase wallet case for iPhone
Photo of someone cutting leather at DODOcase

Without Shopify, there’s no way we’d be where we are today. Shopify is our secret weapon.

Ability to Scale

One thing I’ve always appreciated about Shopify is its ability to scale on peak traffic days. We’ve had some pretty large days in terms of transactions when a new iPad comes out.