Earth Bathrooms launches their business quickly with Shopify

Earth Bathrooms is an online-only retailer specialising in bathroom suites, furniture, and fittings. The company launched in late 2014 and needed an ecommerce platform that would help them get to market, fast.

Andrew Banks

COO of Earth Bathrooms

Opting for online

Selling online has worked really well for us but the challenge with bathroom fixtures is that it’s still a tangible product; people still want to feel the quality of the materials, understand the size and shape of the baths, or understand how compatible the products are with each other. There are a lot of technical challenges to overcome and the only way to combat that is with really good technical content and an exceptional customer service team - those are two things that we do really, really well.

By using Shopify we were present in the market after only two and a half months

Speed with Shopify

The reason we chose Shopify over any other platform was the speed at which it allowed us to build our business. We started planning in October 2014 and we launched the brand in the middle of December 2014. Shopify had the functionality to facilitate what we needed to prepare to launch and test the market, so all we had to do was design and build a template in liquid.

Photo of the a bathroom outfitted by Earth Bathrooms

Had we invested in building something from scratch it would have taken about nine and a half years for it to become financially viable.

Complete flexibility

Because Shopify has such a well-documented, robust and well-exposed API, it meant that we had absolute confidence in building our own middleware to sit between Shopify and our supplier system. The API allows us to get around a lot of the limitations of the system, so we’ve never been restricted by what Shopify can and can’t do.

Affordable functionality

One thing that’s really added value for us is Shopify’s ecosystem of apps which allows you to launch a great piece of functionality very quickly, no matter the size or age of your business. One of the challenges we face is tracking returns, but we found a solution through one of Shopify’s app developers. The returns monitor app costed us around $20-30 to buy, meaning we were able to build in that functionality ourselves cost effectively. Had we invested in building something from scratch, it would have taken about nine and a half years for it to become financially viable. For a new business like ourselves, that kind of affordability is key to accelerating your growth and success.