GoPole doesn’t worry about infrastructure

GoPole is the original third-party GoPro accessory brand. Four years after its launch, GoPro is used by some of the world’s top athletes and sports directors.

Ryan Vosburg

VP of Brand and Marketing

Before Shopify

Before Shopify, we were on an ExpressionEngine CMS shopping cart. We had issues on our previous system with abandoned checkout, among other technical problems. We had some custom-built extensions to work with our fulfillment software, but anything we needed we had to build from scratch. We were so happy to see that Shopify did a lot of that out of the box.

Our website sales almost doubled in our first month on Shopify.

Choosing Shopify over Magento

We looked a lot of options and were really close to going the Magento Enterprise route. In the end, the maintenance and development required for Magento would have bogged down the whole project. Our Shopify store was the exact opposite. We built it exactly as we wanted it and just tacked anything on top of it. The coding language compared to working with Magento was so much easier. Our developers were really happy.

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First month on Shopify

Our website sales almost doubled in our first month on Shopify. That was in June, which is normally a slower month, but it was better than any of our previous sales months – including the holidays. We had no technical issues. This website has revamped our image and our brand presence. We’ve been dealing with Christian and Jamie at Shopify Plus, and they’ve always been there when we needed them to.

Fraud prevention

We’ve really been noticing the fraud filter. Previously we had nothing when we used Stripe as our gateway. There were no indications; we’d just get chargebacks and lose them all. Now, we’re able to detect fraud and be proactive about it instead of reactive. That’s just using the standard Shopify fraud filter.


We don’t have to worry about our infrastructure at all. Everything is served through Shopify’s CDN. There’s no maintenance, there’s no overview – we can just rely on it, and it’s solid, and that’s it.