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New business start-up checklist

New businesses require a good deal of hard work in order to start off with the highest chance of success. When starting a new business, one will want to be well-prepared before ever going online, seeing the first client, or accepting their first order. The key to this preparation is to know what must be done in order to succeed. This can be done with the assistance of checklists. There are two types of checklists that are useful when starting a new business. One of these is a business startup checklist and the other is a business plan checklist. Both of these will help ensure that the business has everything in place in order to have a successful launch and future.

Steps to follow when starting a business

When starting a business it is important to know what steps to follow. This is where creating a business startup checklist comes in handy. A checklist will outline what a new business owner needs in order to start his or her business. By following the plan, he or she will not forget any important steps and is less likely to be hindered by delays. As a person begins to form the new business checklist it is important to research what to include. Keep in mind, when starting a small business checklist, that some of the items on the list will be specific to online shopping sites or other Internet-based businesses. Other items are standard regardless of the type of business.

Creating a new business checklist

A new business checklist for an online store should indicate the need for obtaining the right tools to get the store online and secure. Online businesses need a web presence that stands out and is functional. A website will need to have a professional appearance, and user should be able to manage products and orders with minimal fuss. To do this a dependable ecommerce platform is needed. It should include ecommerce hosting, marketing assistance and apps that will make the site more functional. This should be at the top of the checklist for starting a business online. At Shopify, we offer all of these features to future and current entrepreneurs, including PCI compliant hosting and shopping cart.

Items needed to start a small business

There are other items that are needed when starting a small business. Checklists for online businesses should list the need for a reliable source for the product being sold. Even if a business is selling items that the entrepreneur is creating his or herself, there is still the need for a reliable source for the necessary materials to create the product. Having more than one source is also critical. If the business is hiring employees, a reminder to obtain an Employer Identification Number EIN should also be included on the checklist. Finding or creating a work space is another important item to appear on the list.

Arguably, one of the most essential steps to take prior to starting any business is the creation of a business plan. Not only is it a blueprint of the business, but it is frequently used by banks, lending agencies, and even private investors to make a decision on approving a small business loan. A well written business plan illustrates that the prospective business owner has done his or her research, has goals for the business both currently and in the future, and has a plan on how to accomplish those goals. A business plan checklist is helpful in ensuring that all elements of a good business plan are included. It creates an outline of what these elements are so that the individual does not exclude anything of importance.

Once your business plan checklist and your checklist for starting a business are complete, let Shopify help you fulfill many of your ecommerce needs. We have the tools to help you custom design your website or you can take advantage of our thousands of templates. Our ecommerce software will make it easy for you to manage products and customer’s orders. In addition you can trust that your customer's information is secure. Visit our website today and check out all the ways that we can help make your business a success.

+ Jannelle Pierce