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Facebook as a business platform

If you want to open an online business, you may be considering opening a free Facebook store. Choosing to sell on Facebook can combine both the selling and marketing process, because Facebook stores have built in share and like buttons. This gives you free advertising every time a customer decides to share their purchases with their friends. It also makes it easy to convert your fans into buying customers, if you use your business page to advertise and share your products. These features make it easier to promote your goods and connect with a wider customer base.

Facebook as a store platform

An online store should be easy for your customers to find and to use, and using Facebook as a platform will make it easier for them to go shopping. Designing your store is just one step of opening your business. Ecommerce is a growing part of the economy, and it allows you to open a store and pursue your dreams without all of the initial upfront cost you would have if you opened a store in a brick and mortar location. You can reduce some of your risk, because you can continue to work at your current job while you are getting the business up and running. Additionally, you do not have to worry about hiring employees right away and dealing with the added cost. Facebook stores make it easy to combine your marketing and selling platforms.

One advantage of choosing an online business is that it allows you to cater to niche markets. This means you can take something you really love and create an entire business around it. A free Facebook store is a great tool for this, because friends tend to have similar interests. Also, people interested in unique items naturally like to share their finds with their friends. This allows you to widen your customer base without as much online marketing. This is one of the best reasons to sell on Facebook.

Setting up Facebook fan pages for your store

Many brick and mortar businesses already have set up Facebook fan pages as part of their marketing strategy, and it is a natural next step to add the online component of their business with a free Facebook store. This is an easy process, because you have already chosen the product, the vendors, and you have the employees in place to take care of the shipping process. Just because you sell on Facebook though doesn’t mean that you should not have an actual store site which will allow you to grow your business without much risk or additional cost on your part. That is where we come in. With Shopify, you can create and host your store with us.

Facebook stores are a great solution if you want to take advantage of an already existing platform. We offer the tools you need so that you can process orders, accept payments and create a positive shopping experience for your customers. We also offer additional services like a Shopify “Guru” that will help you set up your store and come up with an effective marketing plan. Our analytics and SEO tools make it easier to set up a site that will reach your customers. We also offer efulfillment services through our partners, so you do not have to worry about storing and shipping the products yourself. All of these tools will make it easier to start your own business.

We offer a free thirty-day trial, which will make it easy for you to explore our tools and decide if this is the right venture for you. You can hire a vetted designer, who is familiar with our platform, if you want additional help designing and setting up your store. Once you have decided to open an online store, you do not want to have anything holding you back from working towards your dream. Try our services today.

+ Jannelle Pierce