chapter 9

Lesson 3: Introduction to Content Syndication

Video transcript

Syndication. This is perhaps the most important part of this whole process. We're taking this content that we just created and we're getting it out in front of people. People are actually going to see the stuff that we just made, and that's fun and exciting. And it can seem overwhelming, because there are a lot of different social channels we're going to be syndicating our content to but it's really not.

Because we're taking one piece of content, we're leveraging it into multiple media formats and we're uploading those different pieces of content to each different social channel. So every social channel only gets one piece of content. It's quite simple, actually, and you're going to get to look over my shoulder as I do this, so you'll get to follow along with me step by step. So let's head over to the computer and get started.

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